A sheltered Amish teenager fulfills his dream of attending American high school and reuniting with his estranged mother, then struggles to go on after seeing his new friends die in a school shooting. 


SAINT JOAN is inspired by George Bernard Shaw's play Saint Joan. Set in 1429 and present day, SAINT JOAN addresses today's equal rights issues for women and the LGBTQ community. Joan gets divine inspiration from the Voices she hears  (St. Catherine, St. Margaret, and Archangel Michael) that come to her in nature and in the ringing of church bells. Listening to her voices' urgings, Joan, connecting with her authentic self, joyously transforms from a simple country girl into her true calling as a soldier. 

Bundled Together (Hollywood Fringe Festival)

Bundled Together is the story of Levi, an Amish teen, who witnesses a school shooting, struggles with PTSD and survivor's guilt, and eventually finds healing through love and in helping others to heal.